»…a generative design, which derives from the events of ATELIERFRANKFURT«

ATELIERFRANKFURT is an art center based in Frankfurt’s Eastend. Over 200 creators and crafters are working in 140 studios spread over six floors. It is a place of creative invention as well as a workshop space, a party location, a cinema, a gallery or everything at the same time. One room never remains the same. ATELIERFRANKFURT lives a permanent ‚deconstruction‘ of all components. 

2016 ATELIERFRANKFURT moved to Hanauer Landstrasse and decided to pitch the relaunch of the corporate design and find a solution for the complex orientation system as well. The deconstructive nature of ATELIERFRANKFURT gives rise to a deconstructive design itself. Florian Geiger, Nadja Brossler and I developed a generative design, which derives from the events of ATELIERFRANKFURT. 

Date and name of the event as well as the the guidance to the rooms, in which the event takes place, build the basic design elements. The composition of these elements plus the ‚deconstructed‘ typeface and the coloring create a recognizable corporate design for ATELIERFRANKFURT.


By depicting the exact route to each room of the event on every product, we simultaneously created a solution for the orientation system.